On May 14, 2024, Angel Stadium of Anaheim will host a compelling Major League Baseball matchup as the St. Louis Cardinals visit the Los Angeles Angels for a game commencing at 9:38 PM under clear skies. Sonny Gray, armed with a strong 2.292 ERA, will start as pitcher for the Cardinals while Reid Detmers, who carries a 4.963 ERA, will take the mound for the Angels.

The Cardinals are currently 12th in the 2024 NL Central Division with a 17-24 record, reflecting a .410 winning percentage. They are positioned 4th in divisional play with a 1-6 record and have won 3 of their last 10 games. They are on a two-win streak, holding a home record of 6-11 and an away record of 11-13. The team has scored 146 runs but conceded 192.

Conversely, the Angels stand 14th in the 2024 AL West Division, maintaining a 15-27 record which translates to a .360 winning percentage. They’ve not gained ground in divisional matchups, and their last 10 games also reflect 3 wins. Currently, they’re experiencing a two-game losing streak, with a 5-15 home record and 10-12 on the road. The Angels have accumulated 175 runs while giving up 217.

As for the game odds, the point spread is set at 1.5 in favor of the Cardinals, reflecting their slightly better recent form and stronger pitcher for the game. The Over/Under is poised at 7.5, suggesting expectations of a moderately high-scoring game. The betting lines favor the Cardinals with an Away Team MoneyLine of -144, while the Home Team MoneyLine for the Angels is at 120, indicating a competitive match anticipated by bookmakers.