The Texas Rangers are scheduled to meet the Minnesota Twins at Target Field on May 26, 2024. The game is set to begin at 2:10 PM, under expected overcast cloud conditions.

As of now, the starting pitcher for the Rangers remains unannounced. For the Twins, Pablo López will take the mound, entering the game with a 4.717 ERA.

Looking at the 2024 AL West Division standings, the Rangers are currently 10th with a 24-29 record, reflecting a .450 winning percentage. They’ve recorded 9 wins against 11 losses within the division, ranking them 2nd. The team has struggled lately, winning just 2 of their last 10 games and are amidst a six-game losing streak. Their home record stands at 12-13, while they are 12-16 on the road. The Rangers have won 8 of their day games versus 16 during nighttime, tallying 233 runs scored against 243 runs allowed.

In the AL Central, the Twins rank 5th with a 28-23 record, a .550 winning percentage. They are 3rd in their division with a 12-10 record. The Twins have gained some momentum recently, winning 4 of their last 10 games and currently enjoying a four-game winning streak. The team holds a 13-11 record at their home grounds and 15-12 away. Their performance is evenly split with 14 wins in both daytime and nighttime games. The Twins have scored 228 runs and allowed 220.